#60 | Dina Burkitbayeva – How psychodelics are revolutionizing mental health treatment?

What is the most efficient drug in mental health treatment? How are clinical trials conducted? When MDMA (ecstasy) will be approved by FDA? How does AI affect the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals?

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Dina Burkitbayeva, co-founder and CEO of Freedom Biosciences and founder of PsyMed Ventures, in our latest episode. Dina brings her unique insights into the revolutionary world of psychedelic therapy and its potential in curing mental illnesses.

In this episode we navigate through the fascinating history of psychedelic therapy, shedding light on its evolution and significant milestones. From the cultural impact of the Summer of Love movement to the scientific breakthroughs in substances like ketamine and MDMA, Dina illustrates the multifaceted nature of this field.

Dina also shares the exciting journey of her startup, Freedom Biosciences. She talks about their groundbreaking work in developing a new drug that promises to be three times more effective than ketamine in treating mental health disorders. This discussion opens a window into the future of mental health treatment.

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