#31 | Chihoon Jeong: The Curious Life of a South Korean Entrepreneur in Central Asia

Today’s guest on our episode is Chihoon Jeong, the founder of Flask Coffee, ChickenStar, and Boost Talents. 

We started by discussing Korean history post-war, the country’s economic development, and how Korean culture went from hanboks to K-pop and became globally viral.

Chihoon shared stories about his curious life, including why he left Korea, his education in the USA, his experiences in Argentina and Paris, and how he ended up selling Korean chicken in Kyrgyzstan.

Of course, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about coffee with a local coffee tycoon! Chihoon amazed us by telling that there are twice as many coffee flavors as there are types of wine. He also explained why his best types of coffee are directly imported from Panama.

Finally, we dived into Chihoon’s other businesses, such as Flask Coffee, an authentic coffee shop; Boost Talents, a talent and model development agency; and his own clothing brand called Fuzzz. He also shared some tips for opening your own restaurant and dressing stylishly 😉

P.S. We’re confident that after watching this episode, you’ll definitely start drinking coffee if you’re not already a fan!