#27 | Tirto Adji, Samudra Pacific: Indonesia, engineering at Yahoo, programmatic advertising, VC

Our upcoming episode was filmed at the Central Asian Venture Forum 2023, with the support of Most Ventures. We chatted with Tirto Adji, the founder and managing partner of Samudra Pacific Capital Partners.

In this episode, we discussed Tirto’s journey into the tech industry from Indonesia, his almost ten-year experience at Yahoo, and how he started his venture capital firms.

Tirto also talked about investment strategies, his 4-phase investment pipeline, and other tools such as premortem and postmortem analysis. We covered important skills for venture capitalists, his method of working with founders, and tips for those with start-up ideas. Of course, we also discussed AI, specifically Tirto’s professional use of ChatGPT.

Enjoy this episode, it’s our shortest one yet!