#29 | Robin Butler, Sturgeon Capital: Venture Capital Strategies in Emerging Markets

In this episode, we had an engaging and informative conversation with Robin Butler, Partner & Head of Impact at Sturgeon Capital. Sturgeon Capital directs its attention to promising markets that face limited access to capital.

Did you know that India receives $30 of venture capital funding per capita, Brazil receives $47, and China receives $74.60? In contrast, Pakistan only receives $1.60 per capita, while Uzbekistan receives a mere $0.20 (according to Mario Gabriele on Generalist.com) https://www.generalist.com/briefing/sturgeon-capital

During our discussion, we explore the risks and benefits associated with venture capital in emerging markets, with a special emphasis on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Egypt, the Middle East, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Learn about the unique opportunities and challenges that arise when investing in these regions, and how Sturgeon Capital navigates them.

Additionally, we dive into some fascinating startups from Sturgeon Capital’s portfolio. Discover how they evaluate startups, the criteria they look for, and gain insights into their selection process. Robin shares valuable experiences and sheds light on what happens to deals that may not make it to the final investment stage.

Join us for a remarkable conversation and get valuable insights from Robin Butler’s expertise.