Alfiya was born in Xinjiang. She’s spent more than 20 years working in state service in China.

When locals began to get sent to «correction» camps, Alfiya as the aul administration representative took part in the arrests. She was not fully aware of what was going on, and what her work assignments meant. In the end, disaster came to her home, and her mother was sent to the camp.

Alfiya’s story is just one of the many similar cases. News of torture and oppression of Muslims, ethnic Uighurs, Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs in Xinjiang have been surfacing non-stop during the past 4 years.

Why is Chinese government so afraid of them? And if there are Kazakhs held in camps in China, why is our government silent? is launching a series of materials called «Bauyrym» (brother) to shed light on what is really happening in Xinjiang, and to share how the relatives of the prisoners are fighting to save them.