#65 | Ilias Beshimov, Celential.ai – How to use AI to hire software developers?

How to recruit technical talent for BigTech and startups? How to use AI to fix technical recruiting? How to build and validate a successful B2B SaaS company? How do you acquire initial customers?

Today, we are talking to Ilias Beshimov, a Harvard University graduate and co-founder of Celential.ai, a company that offers AI-powered recruitment solutions, and ClassHour.

We discussed talent migration, the hiring process, candidate communication, and the tools used by companies to attract tech talent. Ilias shared his insights on co-founding Celential.ai and building a successful B2B SaaS company, attracting initial customers and driving growth.

We couldn’t cover Ilias’s academic journey at Harvard University, which led him to found his startup immediately after graduation. He also shared invaluable lessons he learned from his experiences at Zynga, Scopely, Time Fly, GOOD&CO, and Celential.ai.

Arman had a lot of fun talking to Iliyas and we are sure that you will have a lot of fun listening to the new episode of our podcast. Enjoy!

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