#38 | Jahn Karsybayev: How do VCs make money? How to turn $1m into $100m with real estate in US?

We had an absolute blast on our latest podcast episode featuring none other than Jahn Karsybayev, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of a flourishing Venture Capital firm, and a proud Harvard Business School alumni. 

We covered a broad spectrum of compelling topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Jahn illuminated us on how venture capitalists generate their revenue, what it takes to establish and manage a successful venture capital firm, and the significance of having an advisory board for a fund. 

We took a deep dive into real estate investments, exploring how one can strategically invest $1 million into the US market, and the pros and cons of long-term vs short-term rentals. 

Jahn also opened up about his personal life, sharing some heartwarming stories about his journey to the US in 1999, his college life, and how he managed to pay for his education at just 16. His passion for sports, especially boxing, and the life lessons he has gained from it were particularly inspirational. 

We also delved into his professional experiences – from securing his first job after college to his corporate life learnings, and the reasons behind his pursuit of an MBA. Jahn shared some invaluable insights into the qualities of a good job candidate and how he got accepted into the prestigious HBS executive program. 

Tune in to hear some of the most memorable episodes from his Ivy podcast and get excited about the future alongside Jahn. He ends the episode with some great book recommendations and a question for all our listeners! 🎧

You wouldn’t want to miss this enlightening conversation!